Container Grown Astilbe – Tips On Growing Astilbe In Pots

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Growing astilbe in pots is easy and container grown astilbe may be just the ticket if you have a semi-shady area that needs a splash of bright color. This delightful plant is available in compact, dwarf varieties or taller cultivars if you’re looking for a plant with a little more height. Read on to learn about growing astilbe in containers. How to Grow Astilbe in Pots If you want to grow one plant, start with a container with a width of at least 16 inches and a depth of about 12 inches. If you want to grow more than one astilbe, look for a larger container. Fill the container with a good quality commercial potting mix, or create your own with a combination of organic material such as peat, compost, composted bark chips, perlite or sand. Be sure the container has


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