The Beach Club Condos in Gulf Shores, AL {Giveaway}

gulf shores al002

Back in October, I shared with you that I had been on a weekend trip to Gulf Shores, AL. What I didn’t share was where I stayed and how pretty it all was. We’ve been waiting til now, the cold January winter, to share this post and giveaway! A reader of mine, Glenda, has a condo in Gulf Shores and she offered it to me for a weekend stay and a friend and I went back in October. It happened to be stormy weather that weekend, so we didn’t see the sunshine like most of these pictures show, but it’s a gorgeous place in Gulf Shores, called The Beach Club. That’s a link to the main page and Glenda has a page for her condo.

The Beach Club is an exclusive beachfront property in the Fort Morgan peninsula of Gulf Shores. It’s down a highway and very secluded and out of the way of the main traffic areas, so you are in for a retreat feel. It has everything you would want in a resort, from restaurants, to family and children’s activities, to beautiful beaches and sitting by the pool.

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