Crepe Myrtle Lifespan: How Long Do Crepe Myrtle Trees Live

By Teo Spengler Crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia) is affectionately called the lilac of the south by Southern gardeners. This attractive small tree or shrub is valued for its long blooming season and its low maintenance growing requirements. Crepe myrtle has a moderate to long life span. For more information about the lifespan of crepe myrtles, read on. Crepe Myrtle Information Crepe myrtle is a versatile plant with many ornamental features. The perennial tree flowers all summer long, producing showy flowers in white, pink, red or lavender. Its exfoliating bark is also lovely, peeling back to expose the inner trunk. It is especially ornamental in winter when the leaves have fallen. Crepe myrtle leaves change color in autumn. White-blossomed trees often have leaves that turn yellow in fall, while those with pink/red/lavender blossoms have leaves that turn yellow, orange and red. These easy-care ornamentals are drought tolerant after they are about two


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