Marjoram Blossoms: Can You Use Marjoram Flowers

By Liz Baessler Marjoram is a wonderful plant to have around, whether it\’s in your garden or a pot closer to the kitchen. It\’s tasty, it\’s attractive, and it\’s very popular in salves and balms. But what do you do when you start getting marjoram blossoms? Do marjoram blooms affect harvest? Keep reading to learn about marjoram blossoms and harvesting marjoram herbs. Harvesting Marjoram Herbs You can start harvesting marjoram herbs when the plant is about 4 inches tall. This should be before the flowers start to form, when the leaves are at their best. Just pick the leaves as needed and use them fresh. You can brew them into tea, extract their oils for salves, or put them into your food just before you finish cooking to impart a pleasant, mild flavor. Can You Use Marjoram Flowers? Marjoram blossoms tend to appear in midsummer as beautiful delicate clusters in


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