Perfect, Portable Heat: The Honeywell Infrared Heater — GIVEAWAY!

Perfect, Portable Heat: The Honeywell Infrared Heater via The Survival Mom

I’m in love with this heater and so is every other member of my family. Honeywell’s MyEnergySmart Infrared Heater arrived at my doorstep, perfectly timed with a cold spell that hit our part of Texas in January. Our older house, built in 1972, doesn’t have the greatest duct system, and it seems that our family room is always chilly.

honeywell infrared heaterIt’s been many years since I used a portable heater and naturally, safety was my first concern. Is this infrared heater safe on carpet? Do I need to worry about our pets wandering too close to the heat source? Does the exterior of the heater become too hot to touch?

The answers, as I discovered from the instructional manual and safety information, were:

  • Yes, it’s safe on carpet.
  • There is no blast of hot air emitting from the unit, and it’s perfectly safe around pets.
  • No, the heater does not become hot.

My husband remarked, “I like this heater because it doesn’t dry out the air. It just gives off gentle, warm air that is comfortable and never overheats the room.”

My son said, “I love this heater, and I’m keeping it for myself!”

Our winter energy bills aren’t especially high, but our house does have a few cold pockets here and there, and this infrared heater is just perfect for those areas. However, the unit is actually designed for larger rooms than our small family room (150 square feet or so).

A few other features I appreciate are:

  • The EnergySmart technology actually regulates energy consumption.
  • Regular use could cut down on our power bills.
  • There’s a LED panel that indicates power usage, the room’s temperature, and the desired temperature.
  • There are 3 different pre-set heat settings, and you can set your own custom temperatures.
  • Copper and stainless steel reflectors are used to enhance heating.
  • The unit is on wheels for easy transportation.
  • A remote control can be used to change settings from a distance. This is perfect for anyone with mobility issues.
  • The small unit would be perfect for dorm rooms and chilly bedrooms.

Win one for yourself!

I’m excited that Honeywell is providing a new Infrared Heater to one lucky winner, right here on my blog! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.

Important details

  • Giveaway begins on Tuesday, February 16 and ends at midnight on Tuesday, February 23.
  • Open to U.S. residents only.*
  • Winner will be selected at random and notified within 48 hours of contest’s end. Winner will have 72 hours in which to reply to our email, after which a new winner will be randomly selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* Wonder why some giveaways are for U.S. residents only? It’s not because of stingy sponsors but because of international laws and regulations. For example, Canada, a country I love, has different legal definitions for giveaways and contests than does the U.S. Winners in other countries may have to pay import charges. I wish it were different for my international readers, but ignoring these laws could cause big problems for some sponsors.

Perfect, Portable Heat: The Honeywell Infrared Heater via The Survival Mom

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Honeywell Infrared Heater to evaluate for this review and giveaway.


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