Companion Plants For Cosmos – Learn About Cosmos Companion Plants

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener, What grows well with cosmos, and why do cosmos need companions? Companion planting serves a number of valuable purposes in the garden. For example, the buddy system, most often used for veggies, makes good use of space, reduces pests and weeds, and allows neighboring plants to share nutrients. Companion planting may also reduce erosion and provide protection from cold and heat. However, companion planting is also beneficial for cosmos and other ornamentals. So, just what are good companion plants for cosmos? Companion Planting with Cosmos Cosmos doesn’t attract many pests – except aphids. Sometimes cosmos are put to work in the garden by drawing aphids away from other plants, a method known as decoy planting. For example, plant cosmos away from your prized roses. The cosmos plants take the brunt of the aphid attack while the roses benefit. Negate the

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