Boxwood Bush Diseases: Learn About Diseases Affecting Boxwoods

By Liz Baessler Boxwood is a very popular evergreen shrub for decorative edges around gardens and homes. It’s at risk for a number of diseases, though. Keep reading to learn more about diseases affecting boxwoods and how to go about treating boxwood diseases. Identifying Diseases in Boxwood Decline – Decline is the name given to one of the more mysterious diseases affecting boxwoods. It causes their leaves to turn yellow and drop, their branches to die randomly, and their wood and root crowns to form sunken cankers. Decrease the likelihood of decline by cutting back dead branches and removing dead leaves to encourage air circulation. Don’t overwater during the summer, but provide enough water before the frost to give the plant the strength to survive the winter without damage. If decline occurs, don’t plant new boxwoods in the same spot. Root rot – Root rot causes the leaves to lighten


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