Trumpet Vine Root Damage: How Deep Are Trumpet Vine Roots

By Liz Baessler Trumpet vines are beautiful, sprawling plants that can spectacularly light up a wall or a fence. They’re also, unfortunately, very fast spreading and, in some places, considered invasive. This is, in part, due to the extensive trumpet vine root system. Keep reading to learn about trumpet vine root damage and how to go about removing trumpet vine roots. How Deep are Trumpet Vine Roots? Trumpet vines can reproduce by seed, but they rarely need to. This is because their roots are able to grow new shoots very easily. The trumpet vine root system grows deep and away from the vine. It will then surface far from the original and begin a new vine. To make matters worse, a section of vine that comes into contact with the soil will put down new roots which then, in turn, spread to who knows where. Even if your trumpet vine


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