Chinch Bugs In Lawns: Learn About Chinch Bug Control

By Bonnie L. Grant Have you spotted large dead patches of sod in your lawn? It could be a disease but may also be the work of pests that are just a fraction of an inch long. Chinch bug feeding damage begins with yellowed patches of grass but progresses to fully dead spots. What are chinch bugs? These insect pests are known to plague turf grass across North America. There is a species for almost every climate and their activities cause irreparable damage to lawns. Read on to learn more. What are Chinch Bugs? Chinch bugs are turf grass thugs. They cause visible damage to large areas of infected lawn – areas that won’t come back and need to be treated and reseeded. Chinch bugs are hard to spot because they are tiny, but a giveaway is their stench. Chinch bugs in lawns that are heavily infested will emit a


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