Fashion over 50: Flared Jeans with Vicki

fashion over 50009

Hello my friends! Today, I’m off on another blog adventure. You may remember that last year, I was invited by Phantom Screens to come and preview a historic house in Mobile that they were taking on and renovating, calling it Southern Romance. The renovations took months, but the house is finally finished and ready to show off! I can’t wait to see it in person and come back and share it with all of you too.

Meanwhile on Fashion over 50, it’s been awhile, but today I’m back with my friend, Vicki, and she is sharing a few new things in her closet. You may remember that she and I went shopping awhile back and she added some trendy new things to her wardrobe. She loved the bootcut jeans so much that she bought them and has been sporting them lately. Bootcut jeans are a great way to balance out your figure as the fitted thighs and flared legs offset hips and shoulders creating a slimmer look.

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