Christmas Cactus Buds Falling Off – Preventing Bud Drop On Christmas Cactus

By Bonnie L. Grant The question, “why is my Christmas cactus dropping buds,” is a common one here at Gardening Know How. Christmas cactus plants are succulents and hail from the tropical forests of Brazil. Most of these are sold straight from greenhouses where they have experienced strictly controlled lighting, moisture and temperature conditions. Just moving these lovely plants into your home can cause bud drop on Christmas cactus, but there may be other factors at work as well. Read on to prevent Christmas cactus buds falling off and preserve the incredible flower display. Why is My Christmas Cactus Dropping Flower Buds? Sometimes I feel like the world is conspiring against me and my plants. There are so many factors that can cause them to fall ill or fail to flower or produce fruit. In the case of Christmas cactus bud drop, the causes can range from cultural care, lighting,


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