Shopping for Fabrics

fabric shopping006

I know you are probably wondering what is happening with Andrea and David’s 1950’s ranch house renovation. Well, not so much at the moment. Unfortunately, David has had some back issues arise and Andrea broke her wrist, so the last month has been pretty uneventful at their house for working on projects. I think they are going to hire out the painting of the den and other areas to keep progress going, so that will be fun to watch.

I did go over recently and got the console table and stools painted for their foyer, along with David’s help. They have more furniture painting to do, so that will happen along the way too. In the meantime, we’ve been looking at fabrics to cover 2 wing chairs in the sunroom and haven’t had much luck with that either. With Andrea working full-time, it only leaves weekends to get things done and she and I haven’t had a chance to fabric shop together. I’ve been getting samples of fabrics and bringing them to her, but we haven’t settled on one yet for the chairs. She really needs to see the whole bolt of fabric to decide on one, since small samples don’t always show the whole pattern.

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