Zucchini Plant Fertilizer: Tips On Feeding Zucchini Plants

By Amy Grant Zucchini is one of the most popular summer squash varieties to grow in the vegetable garden, although they are technically a fruit, because they are easy to grow, prolific producers. One source states that the average plant produces between 3-9 pounds of fruit. My plants often exceed this number. To get the highest yield of fruit, you may question “should I fertilize zucchini.” The following article contains information on fertilizing zucchini plants and zucchini fertilizer requirements. Should I Fertilize Zucchini? As with any fruiting plant, zucchini can benefit from additional feedings. How much and when to apply zucchini plant fertilizer will depend on how well the soil was prepared prior to sowing or transplanting. For optimal production, zucchini should be started in rich, well-draining soil in an area of full sun. Summer squash are heavy feeders, but if you are lucky enough to have nutrient rich soil,


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