Osage Orange Hedges: Tips On Pruning Osage Orange Trees

By Teo Spengler The Osage orange tree is native to North America. It is said that the Osage Indians made hunting bows from the beautiful hard wood of this tree. An Osage orange is a fast grower, and rapidly gets to its mature size of up to 40 feet tall with an equal spread. Its dense canopy makes it an effective windbreak. If you are interested in planting an Osage orange hedge row, you’ll need to learn about techniques for pruning Osage orange trees. The tree’s thorns present special pruning issues. Osage Orange Hedges Barbed wire wasn’t invented until the 1880’s. Before then, many people planted a row of Osage orange as a living fence or hedge. Osage orange hedges were planted close together – no more than five feet – and pruned aggressively to encourage bushy growth. Osage orange hedges worked well for cowboys. The hedge plants were tall


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