What Is A Fruit Salad Tree: Tips On Fruit Salad Tree Care

By Amy Grant You know how fruit salad has multiple types of fruit in it, right? Pretty much pleases everyone since there is a variety of fruit. If you don’t like one type of fruit, you can spoon up only the fruit chunks you love. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a tree that would grow multiple types of fruit just like a fruit salad? Is there a fruit salad tree? Folks, we’re in luck. There is indeed such a thing as a fruit salad tree. What is a fruit salad tree? Read on to find out and all about fruit salad tree care. What is a Fruit Salad Tree? So you love fruit and want to grow your own, but your gardening space is limited. Not enough room for multiple fruit trees? No problem. Fruit salad trees are the answer. They come in four different types and bear

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