Tomato Mosaic Virus Symptoms: Managing Tomato Mosaic Virus

By Amy Grant Your glorious tomatoes can become inflicted with any number of diseases, not to mention insect infestations. Some of the symptoms mimic those found in other maladies, such as nutritional defects. To further complicate the issue, some tomato plant problems are both disease and insect related. One of these is tomato mosaic virus. What is tomato mosaic virus and what causes tomato mosaic virus? What is Tomato Mosaic Virus? Tomato mosaic virus symptoms can be found at any stage of growth and all parts of the plant may be infected. Tomato mosaic virus symptoms are seen as a general mottling or mosaic appearance on foliage. When the plant is severely affected, leaves may look akin to ferns with raised dark green regions. Leaves may also become stunted. Infected plants may have a severe reduction in fruit set and those that do set may be dotted with yellow blotches


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