Are Yellow Limes Bad: What To Do With Yellow Limes

By Amy Grant Limes aren’t just good in a virgin (or otherwise) margarita. A squirt of lime goes a long way enlivening and enhancing flavor. When we purchase limes, they are generally fairly firm but with a slight give and uniformly green in color. What happens if you encounter limes with yellow skin though? Are yellow limes bad? Are Yellow Limes Bad? If you have neglected to use your limes in a timely manner, you may end up with limes that are yellow. This will be especially true if you have stored them in an area of sun exposure. The sun causes them to turn yellow and will change the flavor of the lime. So, are limes with yellow skin bad? No. In fact, depending upon the variety of lime, the flavor may be even more intense and juicier or more on the bitter side. Limes are of two ilks,


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