Amaryllis Care After Flowering: Learn About Post Bloom Care Of Amaryllis

By Bonnie L. Grant Amaryllis plants are popular gifts that are easy to grow and provide breathtaking flower displays. These South African natives grow fast, bloom for weeks and leave behind huge sword-shaped greenery. Once the amaryllis flowers are gone, the plant can still provide a tropical look for months. All that is needed is good post bloom care of amaryllis and you can enjoy the plant while it stores energy for the next year’s flowers. About Amaryllis Flowers Amaryllis bulbs are common around the winter holidays. The bold, nodding flowers on thick, erect stems bring a festive beauty to the home interior when skies are gray and temperatures are chilly outside. Once the flowers fade, you are still left with a spectacular plant. Caring for amaryllis plants after blooming varies little from regular bloom care, but it is important to provide a dormancy period for the bulb if you

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