What Is Gummosis: Tips On Gummosis Prevention And Treatment

By Teo Spengler What is gummosis? If you have stone fruit trees, you’ll need to learn what causes gummosis disease. You’ll also want to learn about how to treat gummosis. What is Gummosis? Gummosis is a nonspecific condition where sap leaks from a wound in the tree. It usually occurs when the tree has a perennial or bacterial canker, or is attacked by the peach tree borer. However, gummosis can also be caused by any wound to a stone fruit tree, including winter damage, disease damage, or damage from a gardening tool. If you see gummy sap leaking out of your peach, plum, cherry or apricot tree, it is probably gummosis. Gummosis Prevention Once you understand what causes gummosis disease – wounds to the bark of a tree – you can begin to think of gummosis prevention. Any action you can take to prevent bark wounds will also assist with


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