Harvesting Feverfew Herbs: How To Harvest Feverfew Plants

By Amy Grant Although not as well known as parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, feverfew has been harvested since the time of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians for a myriad of health complaints. The harvesting of feverfew herb seeds and leaves by these early societies was thought to cure everything from inflammation, migraines, insect bites, bronchial diseases and, of course, fevers. Today, it is once again becoming a staple in many perennial herb gardens. If one of these gardens is yours, read on to find out how and when to harvest feverfew leaves and seeds. Feverfew Plant Harvesting A member of the Asteraceae family along with its cousin’s sunflowers and dandelions, feverfew has dense clusters of daisy-like flowers. These blooms perch atop stalks over the bushy, dense foliage of the plant. Feverfew, native to southeastern Europe, has alternate yellowish-green, haired leaves that, when crushed, emit a bitter aroma. Established plants


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