Agapanthus Seed Pods – Tips On Propagating Agapanthus By Seed

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener, Agapanthus are gorgeous plants, but unfortunately, they carry a hefty price tag. The plants are easy to propagate by division if you have a mature plant, or you can plant agapanthus seed pods. Agapanthus seed propagation isn’t difficult, but keep in mind that the plants likely won’t produce blooms for at least two or three years. If this sounds like the way to go, read on to learn about propagating agapanthus by seed, step by step. Harvesting Seeds of Agapanthus Although you can purchase agapanthus seeds and you’ll know exactly what color to expect, it’s easy to harvest seeds of agapanthus when the pods turn from green to pale brown in late summer or autumn. Here’s how: Once you have removed the agapanthus seed pods from the plant, place them in a paper bag and store them in a dry


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