Mulberry Tree Harvest: Tips On How To Pick Mulberries

By Amy Grant You will probably not find mulberries at the grocers (maybe at the farmers market) because of their short shelf life. But, if you live in USDA zones 5-9, you can enjoy your very own mulberry tree harvest. The question is when to pick mulberries? This leads to a follow up question of how to pick mulberries? Read on to find the answers. Mulberry Tree Harvest Mulberry trees attain a height of between 20-30 feet. They make lovely, fast-growing landscape trees with the added bonus of producing delicious berries and leaves suitable for steeping as tea. The berries are really the stand out though. They look much like elongated blackberries and are sinfully sweet. Starting a mulberry tree from seed can be difficult. The seed needs 90 days of cold, moist stratification and even then has a low germination rate. If you dislike failure, it might be advisable


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