Making Dandelion Fertilizer Tea: Tips On Using Dandelions As Fertilizer

By Amy Grant Dandelions are rich in potassium, a must have for many plants. The extremely long tap root uptakes valuable minerals and other nutrients from the soil. If you just toss them away, you are wasting an inexpensive, highly nutrient rich fertilizer. Read on to learn more. Dandelion Weed Fertilizer Dandelions are actually incredibly useful. Not only can you eat the tender young greens in the early spring, but later in the season, you can dry the larger leaves and use them for tea. The tight green buds can be eaten and the mature, fully opened blossoms can be used for jelly and tea. Even the milky sap extruded from the plant has been used topically to remove warts. If you aren’t into the edibility of dandelions and consider them noxious, you probably weed them out or dare I say it, poison them. Don’t do it! Make the effort


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