Tarragon Plant Harvesting: Tips On Harvesting Tarragon Herbs

By Amy Grant Tarragon is a delicious, licorice flavored, perennial herb useful in any number of your culinary creations. As with most other herbs, tarragon is cultivated for its flavorful leaves rich in essential oils. How do you know when to harvest tarragon though? Read on to find out about tarragon harvest times and how to harvest tarragon. Tarragon Plant Harvesting All herbs should be harvested when their essential oils are at their peak, early in the morning after the dew has dried and before the heat of the day. Herbs, in general, can be harvested when they have enough leaves to maintain growth. As tarragon is a perennial herb, it can be harvested up until late August. Be advised to stop harvesting tarragon herbs one month before the frost date for your area. If you keep harvesting tarragon herbs too late in the season, the plant will likely keep

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