Sago Palm Leaf Problems: My Sago Isn’t Growing Leaves

By Teo Spengler For tropical drama in your garden, consider planting a sago palm (Cycas revoluta), a type of small tree grown widely throughout the country as both a container and a landscape plant. This plant is not a true palm, despite its common name, but a cycad, part of a prehistoric class of plants. You can expect your sago palm to produce a whorl of dark green, feather-like fronds on its trunk. If your sago palm has no new leaves, it’s time to start sago palm troubleshooting. Sago Palm Leaf Problems Sagos are slow-growing trees, so don’t expect them to grow fronds quickly. However, if the months come and go and your sago palm isn’t growing leaves, the plant may have a problem. When it comes to sago palm leaf problems, the first thing to do is review your cultural practices. It’s entirely possible that the reason your sago


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