Cattail Harvesting: Tips On Harvesting Wild Cattails

By Jessica Sheehan Did you know wild cattails were edible? Yes, those distinctive plants growing alongside the water’s edge can easily be harvested, providing a source of vitamins and starch to your diet all year round. This common grass is very easily identified in nature and its benefits as a food and more are numerous to everyone from a day hiker to a wilderness survivor. Read on to learn more about what cattails are used for. How to Harvest Cattails Virtually all parts of the cattail plant are edible at some point of the year. Cattail harvesting can be as simple as picking one right off the plant in summer. The lower part of the stem is white and, when eaten raw, tastes like cucumber. If you cook it, it tastes like corn. The pollen can be removed from the stalk simply by shaking into a paper bag and using


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