Aurelian Trumpet Lily Info: Tips For Planting Trumpet Lily Bulbs

By Liz Baessler What is an Aurelian lily? Also called a trumpet lily, it’s one of the ten main types of lilies grown in the world, although a huge expanse of hybrids and different cultivars makes for some serious variety. Aurelian, or trumpet, lilies are known for their huge, trumpet shaped blossoms and impressive height. They’re a great addition to any garden. But how do you go about planting trumpet lily bulbs? Keep reading to learn more about Aurelian trumpet lily info and trumpet lily plant care. Information About Trumpet Lilies and Their Care Planting trumpet lily bulbs is very similar to planting most lily varieties. You can plant the bulbs in either the fall or the spring in neutral soil. You want your soil to be fertile and well draining, so add compost or gritty material if need be. Planting trumpet lily bulbs is possible both in containers and

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