Feeding Sago Palms: Tips On Fertilizing A Sago Palm Plant

By Audrey Stallsmith Sago palms actually aren’t palms but ancient ferny plants called cycads. However, to remain a healthy green, they need the same type of fertilizer that genuine palms do. To find out more about their nutritional needs, and when to feed sago palms, continue reading. Feeding Sago Palms Fertilizing a sago palm plant isn’t too difficult. Your sago palms will absorb nutrients best when growing in well-drained, rich and slightly acidic soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Otherwise, they may develop either a magnesium deficiency, which is indicated by the yellowing of older leaves, or a manganese deficiency, in which the younger leaves yellow and shrivel. Keep in mind that a lawn fertilizer applied near sago palms may also adversely affect their nutritional balance. To prevent this problem, you either can refrain from feeding the lawn within 30 feet of the plants or feed that entire


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