Why An Orange Is Too Sour: How To Make Oranges Sweeter

By Dean Osiowy A number of years ago I traveled the mild Spanish coast and walked the orange-laden streets of Malaga, Spain. I was amazed to see brightly colored oranges growing right on the streets of that beautiful city. My surprise came as I plucked an orange-colored fruit only to quickly spew it from my mouth. What were these sour tasting oranges? Why an Orange is Too Sour Later I learned that the varieties of oranges I had become used to, and which sell best in the supermarkets, is the orange variety known as “sweet orange.” There are also sour orange varieties which are cultivated for their peels and used in culinary arts. It is believed that sweet oranges originated in India, spread throughout Europe, and later were brought to the Americas by the Spanish explorers. Since then, home gardeners have taken the challenge to grow this sweet fruit in


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