Indoor Ornamentals: Tips On Growing Ornamentals As Houseplants

By Liz Baessler Lots of plants that we grow outside as ornamentals are actually warm weather perennials that can be grown year round indoors. As long as these plants receive plenty of sunlight, they can be kept as houseplants all year or just moved inside when the weather gets colder. Keep reading to learn more about ornamental plants you can grow indoors. Indoor Ornamentals Growing outdoor ornamentals as houseplants is often easy, as long as you pick a plant that thrives at room temperature and doesn’t need too much light. Some popular low-maintenance ornamental plants you can grow indoors are: Asparagus fern – Asparagus fern grows quickly, making deep green foliage dotted with delicate flowers and bright red berries. It works very well in a container. Geranium – Geraniums will bloom all through the winter, as long as they’re in a bright window. Caladium – Caladium, also called elephant ear,


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