Vegetable Gardening Indoors: Starting A Vegetable Garden Indoors

By Liz Baessler Vegetable gardening indoors is a lifesaver for gardeners who have no outdoor space. While you may not be able to have fields of wheat in your apartment, you can grow most vegetables in containers in your home successfully. But how do you go about vegetable gardening indoors? Keep reading to learn more about growing indoor vegetables year round and the best vegetables to grow indoors. Starting a Vegetable Garden Indoors Starting a vegetable garden indoors is easy. At its most basic, all you need is a container for soil, light, and a way to keep the water off your floor. This last one is important – you don’t want to water all your new containers and find most of it sinking into your floorboards. Buy inexpensive dishes to put under your pots to collect extra water. If you’re especially worried about your floor, put a tarp or


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