Functional Garden Design – How To Create A “Grow And Make” Garden

By Liz Baessler What is a “Grow and Make” garden? It’s not a specific kind of garden, but rather more of a lifestyle choice. It’s the kind of garden that appeals to gardeners who don’t just want to grow for the sake of growing – they want to do something interesting with their harvest. It’s all about functional garden design and the revival of old plant-based practices like natural dyes and wine making. It is, essentially, growing plants for hobbies. Keep reading to learn more about functional landscaping and how to create a “Grow and Make” garden. Growing Plants for Hobbies What are garden makers? These are people who make things with the bounty from their gardens, and they don’t just stop at grilling up an eggplant. There’s more to growing edible plants than just eating them. For example, fermenting your produce into alcohol is a great way to get


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