Storing Garden Herbs: Tips On Preserving Herbs From The Garden

By Liz Baessler Herbs are some of the most useful plants you can grow. They can be kept compact in containers, even in a sunny window in your kitchen. Anyone who’s used them knows that homegrown herbs taste better and are much cheaper than store bought herbs, and they usually only need to be used in small amounts. But sometimes your herbs can get away from you, and if you’re growing them outside, they can get beaten back by fall frost. In these cases, the best thing to do is to cut and preserve them. What are some of the best ways to do that? Keep reading to learn more about preserving herbs from the garden. Preserving Herbs from the Garden There are a few herb preservation methods, but two of the easiest and most successful are freezing and drying. These methods usually preserve the herbs’ color and flavor well.

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