Staking An Amaryllis: Types Of Amaryllis Support Stakes

By Teo Spengler Gardeners love amaryllis (Hippeastrum sp.) for their simple, elegant blossoms and their fuss-free cultural requirements. The tall amaryllis stalks grow from bulbs, and each stalk bears four huge blooms that are excellent cut flowers. If your blooming plant gets top heavy, you might need to learn about staking an amaryllis. Read on for information about what to use for amaryllis plant support. Staking an Amaryllis You’ll have to start staking an amaryllis when the stems threaten to topple under the weight of the flowers. This is especially likely if you are growing a cultivar that offers large, double blossoms, like ‘Double Dragon.’ The idea behind staking amaryllis plants is to provide them with amaryllis support stakes that are stronger and sturdier than the stems themselves. On the other hand, you don’t want to use anything so big that the amaryllis plant support detracts from the beauty of


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