Pie Cherries Vs. Regular Cherries: Best Cherry Varieties For Pie

By Liz Baessler Not all cherry trees are the same. There are two main varieties – sour and sweet – and each has its own uses. While sweet cherries are sold in grocery stores and eaten straight, sour cherries are hard to eat on their own and not usually sold fresh in grocery stores. You can bake a pie with sweet cherries, but pies are what sour (or tart) cherries are made for. Keep reading to learn more about what kind of cherries are good for pies. Pie Cherries vs. Regular Cherries The main difference when it comes to pie cherries vs. regular cherries is the amount of sugar you’ll have to use. Pie cherries, or sour cherries, are not nearly as sweet as the cherries you buy to eat, and have to be sweetened with a lot of extra sugar. If you’re following a recipe, see if it specifies


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