30 Things to do with peaches

Things to Do With Peaches

Summer brings with it all the summer fruits – like peaches! Peaches have great antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, they’re full of fiber, and they can even help prevent ailments from digestive issues to certain kinds of cancer!

Here are 30 different ways you can use peaches with links to recipes:

1. Peach lemonade

2. Peach salsa

3. Peach butter

4. Peach ice cream

5. Peach pancakes

6. Grilled peaches

7. Curried peach sauce

8. Peach cobbler

9. Peach chipotle BBQ sauce

10. Peach spinach salad

11. Peach fruit leather

12. Peach preserves

13. Peach muffins

14. Dehydrated peaches

15. Canned peaches

16. Chilled peach soup

17. Peach pound cake

18. Peach smoothie

19. Pickled peaches

20. Peach caprese

21. Peach mustard sauce

22. Peach meatloaf

23. Peach stir fry

24. Peach jam or jelly

25. Peach drop cookies

26. Peach crumble bars

27. Peach pie filling

28. Peach and brie quesadillas

29. Peach and tomato salad

30. Peach and prosciutto pizza


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