Organic Coltsfoot Fertilizer: How To Make Coltsfoot Fertilizer

By Bonnie L. Grant Coltsfoot may be deemed a weed by some but has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb. The plant’s healthful properties not only enhance mammalian well-being but may have potential to influence the vigor of our plants. Using coltsfoot leaves for fertilizer imparts healthful benefits to our green friends when applied as a tea or even as compost. Learn how to make coltsfoot fertilizer as part of your organic garden care ritual. Benefits of Coltsfoot Fertilizer Natural garden care is all the rage due to an awakening desire to keep chemicals out of our water table and the popularity of sustainable gardening. Herbal teas and composts have been traditional methods of fertilizing plants. Feeding plants with coltsfoot tea is just one way to harness the healing and health promoting properties of herbs. It just seems natural that the benefits derived from herbs can translate to


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