Best Times For Transplanting: When Is A Good Time To Transplant In The Garden

By Teo Spengler No matter how careful you are to put the right shrub in the right spot, sometimes the placement doesn’t work. Maybe the “dwarf” tree grows too tall. Maybe the bushes behind block out the sun. Whatever the reason, it is transplant time. Transplanting isn’t easy on a tree or shrub, so it’s important to select the optimal time to dig it out. When is a good time to transplant? Opinions differ on the best times for transplanting. Here are some tips on transplanting times for gardeners. When is a Good Time to Transplant? Experts agree that fall is one of the best times for transplanting, but spring is also considered good. Each season has advantages that the other lacks. Many claim that fall is the best time to transplant trees and shrubs. Fall transplants can benefit from the months of cooler, moister weather ahead. Thanks to autumn


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