Choaenephora Wet Rot Control: Tips On Controlling Choaenephora Fruit Rot

By Bonnie L. Grant Choanenphora wet rot control is essential for those of us who love to grow squash, cucumbers and other cucurbits. What is Choaneephora fruit rot? You may not know the disease as Choaenephora, but you probably know what blossom end rot is. It is evidenced by soft, rotting ends on squash and other cucurbits. The disease is caused by fungal mold and it isn’t easy to get rid of once you have it, but it is easy to prevent. What is Choanephora Fruit Rot? Choanephora wet rot in plants begins in the flowers, which will bear a powdery white residue. Once fruits begin to form and the flower withers away, the flower end of the fruit shows signs of mushiness and rot along with white or purplish powder. It progresses into the fruit, stunting growth and destroying much of the edible tissue. Once the disease is on


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