Can You Compost Bird Feathers: How To Compost Feathers Safely

By Liz Baessler Composting is an amazing process. Given enough time, things you may consider “garbage” can be turned into pure gold for your garden. We’ve all heard of composting kitchen scraps and manure, but one compostable you may not think of right away is bird feathers. Keep reading to learn more about adding feathers to compost piles. How to Compost Feathers Safely Can you compost bird feathers? You absolutely can. In fact, feathers are some of the most nitrogen rich composting materials around. Compostable items are generally split into two categories: browns and greens. Browns are rich in carbon and include such things as dead leaves, paper products, and straw. Greens are rich in nitrogen and include things like coffee grounds, vegetable peelings and, of course, feathers. Both browns and greens are essential to good compost, and if you feel like you’re too heavy on one, it’s a good

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