Fruit Juice in the Pantry – Giveaway!

Mott's Fruit Juice giveawayOne of my favorite memories from my son’s early childhood was coming home one day and finding him hosting a kiddie cocktail party in our garage. Ever hospitable, he had provided each of his little friends with a bottle of water or juice. The kids, ages 3-5, were standing around, sipping their drinks, and, so help me, it truly looked like quite a sophisticated gathering, minus any tipsy behavior!

#mottsmoments #sweepstakes

#mottsmoments #sweepstakes

While my kids were growing up, we always kept a bottle of juice on hand in the fridge, since, sometimes, kids want something other than water or milk. I knew to stay away from sugary drinks and always opted for juices that contained only natural sugar from the fruit itself, such as Mott’s® and my creative offspring turned them into slushies and frozen juice pops.

This week my family revisited our juice cocktail party days with Mott’s® Apple Cherry juice. It’s a new flavor with no added sugar and a ton of Vitamin C. It’s slightly sweet and tart and, mixed with chilled, diet lemon-lime soda, was refreshing on a warm spring day in Texas.

Try Mott’s – Enter a giveaway!

Here at The Survival Mom, we spend a lot of time talking about saving money and raising smart, healthy, and prepared kids, and this giveaway will help you do both. Mott’s® is sponsoring a social media sweepstakes to promote their products, and winners receive a $100 Walmart gift card!

TIP: A Mott’s individual juice box inside a zipped plastic bag is a handy drink to add to a kid’s emergency kit. The natural sugars will give her a boost and the drink will help keep her hydrated.

To enter this contest, post a photo with Mott’s Apple Cherry Juice and tell why it is perfect for meal time (give the new Apple Cherry juice a try!). Follow these steps:

  1. Register at Mott’s Moments.
  2. Post your photo on Instagram and/or Twitter, and use the hashtags #MottsMoments and #sweepstakes to make your entry official.
  3. Both hashtags are required. This sweepstakes ends on June 2, 2016.
  4. If you’re a winner, Mott’s will contact you via your email address. Good luck!


The Survival Mom and juice bottles

If I were to tell you only about this fun sweepstakes, I wouldn’t be The Survival Mom! Here are a few survival tips you can use:

  • For food storage purposes, bottled juices are shelf stable, unopened, for at least 3 months. Store in a cool, dark location.
  • Over the years, I have repurposed empty juice bottles in a couple of different ways. I refilled them with water for a stash of emergency water, but usually, I reuse them to store dry foods, such as rice, cornmeal, and oats. The plastic bottles are made of food safe PET material. To extend the shelf life of the food so it doesn’t lose flavor, texture, or nutrients, I keep it stored at the coolest temperatures possible and in a dark location.
  • Empty juice bottles are also handy for keeping a small supply of pet food and kitty litter in the trunk of the car. Unlike a cardboard box or paper bag, the heavy duty plastic won’t rip and the tightly capped bottle insures that spillage is unlikely.
  • In an extreme scenario, juice provides additional nutrients your body needs that plain water doesn’t. For example, the Mott’s® Apple Cherry juice contains 120% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C.
  • Any mylar drink pouch can be repurposed to store small amounts of food, laundry soap, or other dry goods. Click here for complete instructions.

How about you? Have you tried the new Mott’s® Apple Cherry juice? What do you look for in a fruit juice for your family and is it part of your food storage?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mott’s®. The opinions and text are all mine. <![CDATA[

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