Potted Lily Plants – Tips On Planting Lilies In Containers

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Many of us plant lovers have limited space in our gardens. You may live in an apartment, with no yard, or you may have already filled your flower beds to the brim. Yet, you find yourself drawn to the exotic look of lilies and, as a result, wonder “can you grow lily plants in pots?” The answer is yes. As long as you have enough space on your porch, patio or balcony for a medium to large pot, you can grow potted lily plants. Read on to learn more. Container Grown Lilies To grow potted lily plants, you will need these few things: Healthy lily bulbs – You can purchase lily bulbs from many places. Mail order catalogs, home improvement stores, garden centers and plant nurseries often have lily bulbs for sale in packages. When you get these bulbs home, it’s important to sort through


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