Selecting Plants For Butterfly Eggs – Best Plants For Attracting Butterflies

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Butterfly gardening has become popular in recent years. Butterflies and other pollinators are finally being recognized for the important role they play in ecology. Gardeners all over the world are creating safe habitats for butterflies. With the right plants, you can create your own butterfly garden. Read on to learn more about the best plants for attracting butterflies and butterfly host plants. Best Plants for Attracting Butterflies To create a butterfly garden, you’ll need to select an area in full sun and sheltered from high winds. This area should be designated only for butterflies and should not have birdhouses, baths or feeders in it. However, butterflies do like to bathe themselves and drink from shallow puddles of water, so it helps to add a small shallow butterfly bath and feeder. This can be a small dish or a bowl shaped rock placed on the ground.


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