Victorian Indoor Plants: Caring For Old-Fashioned Parlor Plants

By Bonnie L. Grant Large Victorian homes often featured solariums, open, airy parlors and conservatories as well as greenhouses. Plants were an important part of the interior decor with some Victorian era houseplants the overwhelming stars. The most popular Victorian houseplants of the day are still around today and can add a touch of old world elegance to your home interior. Read on for some options that will bring a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to your home. Houseplants Victorian Style Nostalgic fads of the Victorian era have a classic stylishness even today. Some of the more interesting home decor practices involved the use of plants inside. Plants were inexpensive, brought the outdoors in and could change a room in a heartbeat from a fussy, old maid’s parlor to a tropical haven. Most of us have heard of the use of palms as parlor plants. In fact, there is a


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