Crabgrass Varieties: Information On Types Of Crabgrass Weeds

By Bonnie L. Grant Crabgrass is one of the more invasive of our common weeds. It is also resilient and hardy, as it can grow in turfgrass, garden beds and even on concrete. There are many different types of crabgrass. How many types of crabgrass are there? There are nearly 35 different species, depending upon whom you ask. The most common forms in North America are smooth or short crabgrass and long or hairy crabgrass. Several introduced species, such as Asian crabgrass, have also taken hold in many of our regions. How Many Types of Crabgrass are There? These tough plants may be confused with many other weeds and even turfgrass but they bear some identifying characteristics that point to their classification. The name refers to the plant’s rosette form where leaves radiate out from a central growing point. The leaves are thick and have a vertical folding point. Flower

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