Soft and Cozy PeachSkinSheets! {Giveaway}

peachskin sheets004

Even though no one but you sees the sheets on your bed, don’t you love to crawl into bed at night with soft and cozy sheets? Yeah, me too! I have been on a quest to find those perfect soft and cozy sheets for awhile and have bought a couple sets over the last few years. But, none of them matched my expectations for lasting and wearability. Both sets have pilling on the bottom sheet, which drives me crazy. I’ve bought different kinds of thread counts over the year and have read countless articles about thread count, with most of those being a little vague about how to find the right sheets.

Egyptian cotton sheets have been the rage for a few years now, with many of those costing in excess of $200 and I’m hard pressed to spend that much on sheets. I read all about how thread count matters, but the length of the threads is part of what makes sheets soft and how do you know that without touching and sleeping on them? If I can find a decent set of King sheets under $100, I’m pretty happy. But, it hasn’t been that easy to find sheets for that price that are really soft to the touch and wash up well too.

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