Hops Plant Diseases: Treating Diseases Affecting Hops Plants In Gardens

By Amy Grant So you’re growing hops for the first time and things are going swimmingly. The hops are voracious growers and vigorous in appearance. It seems you have a knack for this! Until one day, you go to inspect your pride and joy and, alas, something is amiss. Perhaps the hops are wilted or covered in a powdery mildew. As prolific as hops can be, the plant may still be afflicted with hops plant diseases. For a fruitful crop, it’s important to learn about diseases affecting hops and treating hops plant problems ASAP. Diseases of Hops Plant Poorly drained soil can lead to fungal diseases affecting hops. Black root rot – One such disease of hops plants is called Black root rot or Phytophthora citricola. This fungal disease causes water lesions on the roots of the plants, blackened or yellow leaves, and wilting stems. This hops plant disease is


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