Watering A Trumpet Vine: How Much Water Does A Trumpet Vine Need

By Liz Baessler Trumpet vines are stunning flowering perennial vines that can completely cover a fence or wall in brilliant orange blossoms. Trumpet vines are very hardy and pervasive – once you have one, you will likely have it for years, possibly in multiple parts of your garden. Though care is easy, it’s not completely hands free. Trumpet vines do have certain watering needs you’ll need to take care of if you want a happy, healthy plant. Keep reading to learn more about trumpet vine water requirements and how to water a trumpet vine. How Much Water Does a Trumpet Vine Need? Trumpet vine water requirements are pretty minimal. If you’re looking for a spot to plant your new trumpet vine, choose one that drains well. Wait for a heavy rainfall, then examine the soil in your garden. Choose a place that drains quickly, and avoid areas where puddles form

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