Yellowing Fuchsia Leaves: Why Are My Fuchsia Leaves Turning Yellow

By Liz Baessler Fuchsias are beautiful and incredibly diverse flowering plants that are very popular in containers and hanging baskets. Care for fuchsias is usually very straightforward – as long as you water them regularly, provide good drainage and place in them in partial sun, they should thrive and bloom all summer long. Sometimes, though, problems arise. Yellowing fuchsia leaves is one of the most common problems, and can mean one of a few things is wrong with your plant. Keep reading to learn more about what to do when your fuchsia has yellow leaves. Why are My Fuchsia Leaves Turning Yellow? The most common cause of yellowing fuchsia leaves is inadequate watering. This can be due both to over and under watering. If leaves don’t get enough water, they can’t perform photosynthesis and they lose their healthy green color. If they get too much water, however, their roots get

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