Planting Tomato Slices: Learn How To Grow A Tomato From Sliced Fruit

By Amy Grant I love tomatoes and, like most gardeners, include them in my list of crops to plant. We usually start our own plants from seed with varied success. Recently, I came across a tomato propagation method that blew my mind. The simplicity. Of course, why wouldn’t it work? I’m talking about growing tomatoes from a tomato slice. Is it really possible to grow a tomato from sliced tomato fruit? Keep reading to find out if you can start plants from tomato slices. Can You Start Plants from Tomato Slices? Tomato slice propagation is a new one on me, but really, there are seeds in there, so why not? Of course, there is one thing to keep in mind: your tomatoes might be sterile. So you might get plants by planting tomato slices, but they may never beget fruit. Still, if you have a couple of tomatoes that are


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